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    登錄t;What's interesting is the people who came back after the dry period were different - most raised cattle. That dry period separates two different cultures. Our record provides a climate context for t
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    登录通宝tbs Field Museum, technology like computerised tomography (CT) scans allows visitors to see what the insides of these mummies are like for the first time.This technology allows visitors to see "whoe representation of the scale of the world's landmasses, it has its own distortions too, because it's really hard to fit a sphere onto a flat surface without warping certain features.But it's a start,


    the biggest sinkholes - a 2014 investigation into a 30-metre-wide (98-foot) crater on the Yamal Peninsula found that air near the bottom of the crater contained unusually high concentrations of metha

    ld still be taken with a grain of salt until they've cleared peer-review.But what if that number was big enough to say Lorentz variation had been violated?"The immediate consequence would be that

    than to find new ways to kick well-tested theories even harder and see if they can't be made to bleed a little.Take time dilation for instance - the idea that time depends on your relative speed and g

    distorted map, the Mercator projection was first depicted by Flemish geographer Gerardus Mercator, back in 1569.Widely accepted as the best map for navigational purposes, it also became the norm for

    be placed in pits together.These burial pits were accessible to living family members, allowing relatives to bring food or drink to their loved ones' graves, or even to remove mummies to take them to

    atomic scale of cold helium, and could be the key to finally establishing the long sought-after quantum theory of gravity - the solution to one of the deepest problems in theoretical physics today.Th


    nds to a halt, which would make it unlikely for large scale transport of liquids.However, there could easily be a role for self-propelled gels in the future of mechanical engineering."From a tech;

    icks.We're looking forward to seeing where they go with the idea next.The research has been published in Physical Review Letters. Scientists are claiming that the classification of two major din;

    n, the mass of fibres would be about as impressive as wet cobwebs. But the researchers found they could turn a watery mixture of cow microtubules into molecular motors by adding a couple of other


    ternal clocks run a tad overlong, on a daily cycle of 24 hours, 11 minutes.But even though Herzog had demonstrated in 2005 that astrocytes were involved in keeping time, the team didn't necessarily exlished in The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology."Nowhere else in the world has as many dinosaurs represented by track that Walmadany does," Steve Salisbury, a palaeontologist at the Un


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    • 登录通宝tb
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