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            亞洲s still too early to say that this winter will be warmer than usual.Meanwhile, doctors in the city have warned the possibility of respiratory problems may rise due to a lack of snowfall and low humidi
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            AG亚洲集团首页stimated 3,200 tigers. Despite dozens of tiger reserves in place, the number of tigers have fallen sharply, from an estimated 7,000 in the 1990s, when their habitat was more than twice as large. Moreer to become a director of a government department.Literary analysts say this showed the courage of President Xi in using talents for governance despite their different political beliefs.The two maint


            or the Spring Festival travel rush.As people rush back home for family reunions in the traditional Lunar New Year, the number of road passengers every day exceeds 90 million, with more traffic acciden

            France’s membership of the bloc and potentially pull out of the Union.Steinmeier insisted that EU membership is of great benefit to France.“The EU can be complicated sometimes but it is an

            e so called "UFO lights" refers to "earthquake flashes" that occur before or during an earthquake. These flashes appear in a number of different shapes, with one of the most common

            Beijing, says the ancient buildings in the town were mostly made of wood and became dry and flammable. In addition, the buildings were close together. When one catches fire, it will easily spread.The

            grees Fahrenheit, or almost 50 degrees Celsius, keepers at the Rio de Janeiro zoo are giving the animals ice pops to beat the heat.The homemade treats come in various flavors. For the big cats, there

            lars, for birth-control violations.In an interview with TingVoa.com News Agency, Zhang and his wife Chen Ting admitted to giving birth to three children before they married two years ago.Chen said the


            pting to cross the Mediterranean so far in 2017, as international authorities struggle to cope with the surge in migration following the pause during the winter months.The deteriorating security situa;

            AAD missile systems and Aegis missile defense systems to deter North Korea. The recent THAAD dispatch to South Korea – another US ally – was sharply CRIticized by Beijing as threatening it;

            eir children, educate them to revere science, pursue culture, uphold ethnic unity and refuse and oppose extremism,” the statement said, as cited by Reuters.“Abnormal growing of beards and


            lt.About 3 million volunteers and medical workers have been involved in the nationwide campaign and the number of polio cases in the country have come down from 740 in 2009 to 42 in 2010.We stay in Iny delayed getting the marriage certificate amid worries that Zhang's identity could be exposed during that process.Zhang Yi-mou, one of the most popular Chinese filmmakers, made his directorial debut


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