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    年巔u run them everywhere."Never run a command everywhere at once. Separate out test and production machines, and preferably do production machines in stages. Its better to fix 1 or 10 machines rathe
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    11年巅峰巴萨阵容e-molecule diodes that have been created. But this one is a whole lot smaller than anything else out there, which means that you can pack more of them onto a chip and potentially create smaller and mocomposite metal foam. It's part of the work of North Carolina State University engineer, Afsaneh Rabiei, who's been working on various iterations of CMFs for several years now.According to her m


    l tool for cutting through the bullsh*t. We highly recommend you give it a go.And just in case you were wondering how strictly Feynman followed his own advice, just watch this interview filmed almost

    or blind. Laughter not only transcends human cultural boundaries, but species boundaries, too: it is present in a similar form in other great apes. In fact, the evolutionary origins of human laughter

    g," astronomer Romeel Dave from the University of Western Cape in South Africa, who was not involved in the discovery, said in a press statement.We’re going to need much more sensitive tele

    igned to recognise and reward sustainable planning and construction, and since it was introduced in 1990, some 250,000 buildings have been assessed.Essentially, BREEAM was set up to raise awareness of

    fix this security flaw, but until they do, all kinds of intellectual property could be exposed. So if you've had an amazing idea for a revolutionary new invention and you want to keep your design to y

    , with 449,347 vehicle registrations in total in 2015.While that's still significantly behind the leader in electric vehicle uptake – Norway, sitting on an amazing 22.39 percent market share &nd


    re as simple as the above, why do we see red-headed people with no freckles, and dark-haired people with freckles? I'll let Hank from SciShow explain that in the video above, but just a warning t;

    ing up their eggs. These eggs are known to spread dengue, and are believed to be helping to spread the Zika virus too.If the new invention looks like two parts of an old tyre, because that's exactly w;

    , the environmental benefits of better TVs would be considerable.To entice people to make sure they're using an efficient TV, the researchers suggest power companies should base energy-efficiency prog


    tergents) so it's not something you're likely to come in contact with in your school lab.But if you do, try your best to avoid it, because the chemical gets its 'superacid' nickname from the fact it hdays at the sea'," the authors write. "The response is a compressed post-hoc desCRIption regarding the temporal features of the trip, even though the actual event was spread over a long per


    • 11年巅峰巴萨阵容
    • 11年巅峰巴萨阵容
    • 11年巅峰巴萨阵容
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